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2023 Motor Oil Tech Clinic

2023 Motor Oil Tech Clinic

PCA - Allegheny

Saturday, February 11, 2023
Deutsche Rennsport, Pittsburgh, PA

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Motor Oil -- What are the
Secrets in the Sauce?

ARPCA Tech Session: Saturday Morning

February 11, 2023  

9:00 AM until Noon

Any true auto enthusiast knows that motor oil is the lifeblood of an engine, but engines have changed over the years
and so has motor oil. To dive into questions of “What makes motor oil motor oil?” and “What oil is best for my application?”
an industry veteran of the lubricants business will present a tech session for ARPCA members.

Coffee and munchies will be available at 9 AM. The presentation begins at 9:30 and is projected to last 90 minutes given
typical questions from the audience. Post-presentation bench racing and tall-tale telling among club members will wrap
us up at noon.

Our featured presenter is Ken Tyger from DA Lubricants and PennGrade1 Motor Oil (formerly Brad Penn Motor Oil, and
before that, Kendall GT-1). Ken has been in the lubricants industry for over twenty years and has witnessed many
changes in cars, oil requirements, and market perception of lubricants. He will help to separate fact from fiction on
engine lubrication.

Ken is an Oil Monitoring Analyst, the National Director of Gas Recovery Systems, and a PennGrade1 Consultant for D-A
Lubricants from Lebanon, IN. For decades, Ken has resided where Kendall Oil got its start—Bradford, PA. More than ten
years ago, Ken achieved the highest level of certification from the STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication
Engineers)–the key professional group in the oil-analysis industry. Ken has knowledge in Basic Lubrication, Advanced
Lubrication, Hydraulic Fluids, Automotive Tribology, Classic Condition Monitoring, Condition Monitoring in the 21st
Century, and Automotive/Diesel Lubrication. He has presented for several industry/trade meetings, and he travels the
country presenting at various automotive club and industry events including PRI; SEMA; PCA; Corvette Club of America;
Corvair Society of America; Cooper BOCES, etc.
The main presentation will focus on formulating the proper lubrication for highly stressed racing engines as well as
classic, vintage, legacy, street rod, and muscle car applications. (Think classic, air-cooled Porsches and high-
performance/track/racing applications.) We will discuss additives / ZDDP concentration (Zinc and Phosphorous levels),
oil timeline/history, maintenance, storage, drain interval, viscosity selection, fuel selection, and emission system

SPECIAL NOTE: Deutsche Rennsport has a limited number of chairs for the tech session audience. Please bring
your own folding chair to this event if possible.

SWAG Announcement!   *** Hats, T-Shirts, and Motor Oil added to the event! ***